New Property Tax Info for Jackson County is Out

 The information in this blog is provided courtesy of Jamie Baker, now of Ticor Title. It is mainly taken from an email that she sent out to Realtors in Ashland. But it is very good information.




2008/2009 Taxes have rolled for Jackson County!


(Ashland taxes have gone down!)



I just wanted to let you know that the 2008/2009 tax values are now available from the County. 


You may be surprised to learn that the Ashland taxes actually went down this year.  This is due to the fact that the 07/08 taxes included a bond for the schools.  Most accounts will see a decrease by a couple hundred dollars, but it has to do with the assessed value of the property itself.


I know a lot of you may be asking if you will see a decrease in your taxes because the property values are declining.  The answer to that question in a nutshell is “NO”Here’s why:


·         When Measure 50 was approved by voters in 1997, a MAV, or Maximum Assessed Value was established for each property.  That value was calculated for each property by subtracting 10% from the property’s 1995-96 Real Market Value (RMV).  Under Measure 50, property tax is based on the lower of either the RMV or the MAV. 


·         The MAV increases by 3% each year as long as the Real Market Value of the property is greater that the MAV.  As always, the Real Market Value changes with the real estate market. 


·         Since 1997 the real estate market (and Real Market Value) has seen unprecedented growth while the MAV has continued to go up the constitutional 3% per year.  This has caused the MAV to remain much lower than the Real Market Value, ranging from 35% to 65% of the RMV, with the average property’s MAV being 52% lower than the RMV. The Real Market Value would have to drop by 52% before the taxes would be affected. 


Per the County’s calculations, the changes in Real Market Value for the 08/09 year are as follows:


                        ASHLAND                                                    -11 TO 13%

                        PHOENIX/TALENT                                     -9 TO 12%

                        EAST MEDFORD                                        -18-21%

                        WEST MEDFORD/APPLEGATE             -17 TO 24%

                        CENTRAL POINT/SAMS VALLEY          -17 TO 20%

                        ROGUE RIVER AREA                                -9 TO 14%

                        NORTH COUNTY                                        -7 TO 11%


(The information above was shared with us(Ticor Title) by Dan Ross, the County Assessor.)




TAXES ARE DUE BY NOVEMBER 15TH, BUT THIS YEAR THE 15TH FALLS ON A SATURDAY, SO THE PAYMENT MUST BE IN BY MONDAY, THE 17TH.  If you pay in full by the 17th, you will receive the 3% discount. 

It is not too late to register to vote

It is not too late to register to vote in the up coming election. There are a number of ballot measures, and local races to vote on in addition to the Presidential race.

If you still need to register, you can follow the link below for an online voter registration card, but will still need to get it into the county elections office.

If you are a resident of Jackson County, it needs to be to

Christine Walker
Jackson County Clerk
1101 W. Main St. Suite 201
Medford, OR 97501-2369
(541) 774-6148 / TTY (541) 774-6719

Prior to the end of the business day on Tuesday the 14th.

See you at the polls (or as the case is in Oregon, I think I’ll vote in the comfort of my own home, and mail it in.)

Oregon Bars to become non-smoking

I am sitting at the Oak Tree Restaurant for the first time since they went non-smoking. The Oak Tree in Ashland Oregon is the closest thing we have in town to a Sports Bar. It is on the south end of town next to the Best Western.

It has pool tables, and at least 7 tvs. The food is standard bar fare…but sometimes that is just what I am in the mood for.

But back to the non-smoking thing. Oregon, which has a reputation for being a very healthy place has been well behind other states, such as California, in banning smoking in all work places, including bars.

I don’t remember how long ago it was the last time I was at the Oak Tree, but having my clothes smell was a big deterent. Wearing a Kilt is definitely more comfortable than pants, but the laundering isn’t as easy.

 So the new law goes into effect in Oregon on January 1st 2009, but most Ashland area establishments started the new rules in advance.

Well, the service was quick and my sandwich is here. Cheers.

Ashland is Hot!

Oh, Summer has finally arrived in our glorious Ashland, Oregon. I know some people who live here feel that is should always be 75 degrees. I, on the other hand love when the heat finally decends upon the Rogue Valley and warms my bones.

I guess as a kilt wearer, I may enjoy the warm weather a little more than those poor souls who feel a need to wear pants. But this is my favorite time of year.

But what do you do if you live in Ashland, and don’t like the heat as much as I do.

Well, the public swimming pool is always a great option.Daniel Meyer Pool

Daniel Meyer Pool is open for business.

A mere blocks from my home, this is the classic American swimming pool.

Open for Lap Swimming for $2.00

Open For Family Swimming for $1.50

And even an Adult Open Swim for $1.50.

 Temparatures this week in Ashland have been in the high 90’s.

It is a little hotter generally in Medford with Temps creeping above 100.


Adam AgentInAKilt Bogle