Raised on a farm in Rogue River, Linda has a great appreciation for all the Rogue Valley has to offer. After a 10 year stint in Southern California Linda returned to Ashland to be near family. She attended Southern Oregon University, obtaining a degree in psychology. The natural beauty of Ashland and its people are what made her choose Ashland as her home. Linda feels fortunate to have raised her daughter in Ashland’s wonderful school system.

She has 16 years of mortgage experience, all in the Rogue Valley. Some of the favorite aspects of her job are making people happy, creating a smooth and pain-free experience for her clients, and helping clients achieve long term financial goals through homeownership. When she’s not working hard for her clients, Linda enjoys entertaining, hiking, theater, reading, decorating her home, and drinking coffee in the local coffee shops with her husband.

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I am a licensed Loan Consultant providing financing for 1-4 family residences.

iMortgage offers Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA and Oregon Bond loans. I specialize in education and service to borrowers with successful home-ownership as the ultimate goal. Over my 15 years in lending, I have seen the pendulum swing from very light document and underwriting requirements back to the current environment of extreme documentation and intense oversight. My role as a trusted advisor is to navigate the market and guide borrowers through the underwriting standards that must be upheld in order to obtain home financing. I truly become a partner in the transaction until we reach a successful closing.