Statistics for Jackson County

Here is the chart that will be published in the paper this week.

May through June Statistics

It is more of the same. As has been noted all year with the statisics, there has been a sharp drop in the number of houses being sold this year as opposed to last year.

 I know to some people, when I start talking about statistics, they see charts in their mind that resemble this. And I too have no idea whatsoever what this graph means. I could say this is the cycle of buyers and sellers in the real esate market, The red line is buyer, the blue line is sellers, and x represents time and Y represents units.

But it isn’t. This is some random picture from some math class at some university.

All a clever disguise so you don’t look at the real statistics.


What I have been saying for years now, since the pace of sellers started outpacing the pace of buyers is…..

To make the market hit a more level spot, the collective mindset needs to be….

If you am trying to sell, but don’t have to….stop trying.

If you want to buy, and you are waiting, quit waiting.

It is all supply and demand. And there is still just too much supply.

The best place to find houses to buy is the internet. Keep checking my website for some new advances in the search capabilities. You can search MLS listings in Ashland, or Medford currently. I will soon have a new interface though that will be much more pleasing to the eye, and user friendly.

Back From Vacation

The idea of a daily blog becomes difficult when you take a 10 day vacation away from your computer. However, I have returned, enlightened, refreshed, and anxious to sell some Ashland Oregon Real Estate.

What did I miss while I was gone?

In Ashland:

  • 30 new houses were listed
  • 9 houses came back on the market
  • There were 35 price reductions
  • 14 houses got pending sales
  • 8 houses “closed” sold (including one for my clients…yay!)
  • 6 houses listings expired (although 5 were put back on the market)
  • 12 Houses were withdrawn from the market

So, there seems to be plenty of movement in the market.

Once I recover more fully from vacation…I will find something more interesting to say.

Adam “the most recognized REALTOR in the universe” Bogle

Preparing for Radio

Jefferson_exchangeOne of my roles in real estate in the Rogue Valley is I am a member of the Public Relations committee for the local association of Realtors®.

So today I am preparing for an interview on the Jefferson Exchange. Part of the responsibility of being a member of the PR crew is to stay up to date on issues, statistics, and what is being said in the media.

It is remarkable to me what the power of the media is in how they choose to report stories. The difference between saying “foreclosures doubled in the last year”, and “Oregon still among the lowest states for foreclosure in the country”, and “999 or every 1000 homeowners are not in foreclosure”, and “of the 10,000 homes in Ashland, only 5 are bank owned”. Those all tell different stories. But inevitably, the day after any article about real estate in Ashland, or real estate in Medford is published, someone I know in the communtiy will quote it to me.

In fact just today after an article in the Medford Mail Tribune came out whose headline was Glimmer of hope emerges in real estate market, I was stopped in the grocery store by someone telling me that they read inventory was down, and now was a good time to buy.

Anyway, moving on.

Preparing for the Jefferson Exchange. The following is what the topic is set to be as reported on the website.

Home is Where the Heartache Is
Both Eugene and Medford recently made a national top 20 list of overvalued home areas. Real estate market declines and the crisis in the home loan industry have dramatically changed what home buyers and sellers should expect. We talk with Steve Blanton, CEO of the Rogue Valley Association of Realtors, and Realtor Adam Bogle for strategic tips for buying or selling a home.


I have read the report listed here, and to me it looks very positive. When the headline reads houses overpriced in Eugene and Medford, it looks bad.  But when you get into the meat of the article, it spells a good story. What is states is that many of the “overvalued” areas in the country have seen an adjustment, and are now seen as “fairly valued”.  Those areas include Southern California, Las Vegas, Florida, and Northern California. Those are the areas that there are a lot of $$$’s that need to be in the economy to make the buyer confidence being reported in the National media higher.

So if you get a chance. Listen to the show, Monday June 30th from 9-10.

Adam “AgentInAKilt” Bogle