It is not too late to register to vote

It is not too late to register to vote in the up coming election. There are a number of ballot measures, and local races to vote on in addition to the Presidential race.

If you still need to register, you can follow the link below for an online voter registration card, but will still need to get it into the county elections office.

If you are a resident of Jackson County, it needs to be to

Christine Walker
Jackson County Clerk
1101 W. Main St. Suite 201
Medford, OR 97501-2369
(541) 774-6148 / TTY (541) 774-6719

Prior to the end of the business day on Tuesday the 14th.

See you at the polls (or as the case is in Oregon, I think I’ll vote in the comfort of my own home, and mail it in.)

Train Service through Ashland

It looks like there is some movement on whether or not the train will start running through Ashland again. A petition was filed to let another provider start running the service. As a fan of railways as a mode of transportation, I am at odds with how I feel about the train coming through Ashland again. This line carries little other than lumber from Northern California to Roseburg.

It is not a passenger train…and the freight can still go by just has to take a very circuitous route up the other side of the Cascades, and over through Springfield.

With the number of old railway crossings in Ashland, and the questionable health of the tunnel at the top of the Siskiyou Pass, I think it would be wise to let this train line be permanently disabled.

This story is not reported in the Ashland paper, but is being followed closely by the paper in Roseburg.


Quoted from

CORP open to another operator for Siskiyou line | – The News-Review

The petition from shippers came in response to a decision by CORP earlier this year to curtail southbound service between Ashland and Weed and to cut northbound service from five days per week to two. The cost to ship on the line was also increased.

Shippers said they were told that unless CORP found a way to increase rail traffic and profitability, all service over the Siskiyou summit might be curtailed.

The changes were made, Lundberg said, because of a lack of rail traffic. According to Wednesday’s filing, CORP has not provided service between Ashland and Montague, Calif., since May 6, the last day service was requested by customers.

Southern Oregon Camping | Campground and RV Park Near Ashland and Medford Oregon


I have a little trailer that is kind of a glorified tent on wheels. It has a table, icebox, bed, and stove. It is shorter than my truck, both in legnth and hight. I love the thing because it makes camping so easy. Picture of my trailer at the lake

I spent last night on the banks of Howard Prairie Lake. It is 30 minutes from my house in Ashland. You can fish, ski, swim, etc…

A client of mine owns the resort. He is an excellent and friendly guy named Joel. If you get a chance to camp up here, tell Joel hi from the Agent In A Kilt. Who knows, there might be a free soft serve Ice Cream in it for you.

Back to the campfire now.

P.S. There is high speed wireless access here!!!!


Quoted from

Southern Oregon Camping | Campground and RV Park Near Ashland and Medford Oregon

Since 1997 the Howard Prairie Lake recreation area in Southern Oregon near Ashland and Medford has been rated the number one recreation facility of its kind in Oregon. The popularity of the area is attributed to the commitment of Howard Prairie Lake Resort, Inc. in concert with Jackson County Parks and Recreation to you, our customers.

We’ve created a camping, RV park, and recreation area that is clean, safe, and friendly. Vacationers spend a day, a week, even the whole season at the resort. Our facilities have been designed for any length of stay, with a large picnic area, campsites with limited or full hookups, a store and restaurant, laundry facilities, and a full-service boat marina.

Howard Prairie Lake is generally considered by fishermen and Fish and Wildlife authorities alike to be among the finest rainbow trout fisheries in the Northwest.

Howard Prairie Lake is not just about trout and bass fishing though, boating fun of all forms, from canoeing to skiing to sailing, is very popular.

Howard Prairie Lake Resort, away from it all, … but not too far away!

Best Vacation Rental in Ashland Oregon


It is time to start booking for next year’s Shakespeare Festival in Ashland a stay at the most awesomenssesesesst (yes, I just made up that word) vacation rental. My good friend Nils owns this place, and is fastideous about making it a great place to stay. He keeps the kitchen stocked with essentials of exceptional quality, including coffee. And I keep telling him he should raise his prices…but he won’t listen…so this in my opinion is the best value in lodging in Ashland.


Quoted from

Ashland real estate and Medford Oregon homes, MLS listings and land w/ Coldwell Banker 97520 97501



 Try Abrams House-Ashland Vacation Cottage.  If available, this is the best deal in lodging in Ashland. A very cute home walking distance to the Shakespeare festival and downtown Ashland.



Abrams House-Ashland Vacation Cottage. Why stay in a hotel and have to eat out for every meal, when you can have all of this?  Mention you found this from the Agent In A Kilt, and receive a 10% discount, or your seventh night free. The house boasts a fully equipped kitchen (dishwasher, microwave, disposal) and dining room, a washer and dryer, a centralized gas fireplace, a claw-foot bathtub, a master bedroom with a queen-sized bed, an up stairs with two queen beds and a sofa bed in the living room that sleeps two.

Pet Friendly.  Woof!

Fun with the Video at Ashland Tennis Club

Excercise in Ashland

There are a lot of great places to get exercise in Ashland. But come winter, and through the heat in summer, it is nice to belong to a club and to exercise there. As the president of the board of directors for the Ashland Tennis and Fitness club, I obviously feel like the best place to go in Ashland in ATFC.

I am still playing with my new video camera, and thought I would shoot a little bit at the tennis club. You can see that we have a very nice swimming pool, fun people to hang out with, a clean and available exercise room, and four very nice indoor tennis courts.

There are free yoga and exercise classes for fitness members.

This club is different from the YMCA, because it is a lot less crowded. I have always been able to find a lane in the pool, the machine I want to use, or a free locker. The tennis courts do require reservations most of the time through the winter though.

If you would like to try the club, mention you saw it on my blog and I will make sure you get a free trial.

Ashland is Hot!

Oh, Summer has finally arrived in our glorious Ashland, Oregon. I know some people who live here feel that is should always be 75 degrees. I, on the other hand love when the heat finally decends upon the Rogue Valley and warms my bones.

I guess as a kilt wearer, I may enjoy the warm weather a little more than those poor souls who feel a need to wear pants. But this is my favorite time of year.

But what do you do if you live in Ashland, and don’t like the heat as much as I do.

Well, the public swimming pool is always a great option.Daniel Meyer Pool

Daniel Meyer Pool is open for business.

A mere blocks from my home, this is the classic American swimming pool.

Open for Lap Swimming for $2.00

Open For Family Swimming for $1.50

And even an Adult Open Swim for $1.50.

 Temparatures this week in Ashland have been in the high 90’s.

It is a little hotter generally in Medford with Temps creeping above 100.


Adam AgentInAKilt Bogle