Bigger is not necessarily better


I have pasted a piece the article below from the Wall Street Journal about cottages being in vogue.

For many years now I have been touting the charm, and ease of having a little less square footage, and a quaint design. I have been looking for a magazine that focuses on small spaces, and what to do with them, and have yet to find one. And I thought there was a magazine for everything.
My family lives in a small house, built in the late 40’s. It has been a challenge because my wife and I really like to rearrange furniture. We find the best way to thoroughly clean is to start moving stuff around. But with a small house, you are limited that only certain pieces can go on certain walls.

Big Living, small space

Big Living, small space


In Ashland, there was a condo project that was completed a number of years ago call Creekside Cottages. They took the idea of cottage living, and made some nice places. There is currently one listed for sale. It is listed as 1204 square feet for $299,000.

Siskiyou Cottage

I would be interested in hearing some thoughts you may have about small spaces…or if anyone knows of a magazine devoted to small houses, please let me know.



Small Homes, Cottages Score Big With Buyers

However, home buyers these days increasingly are interested in smaller homes that consume less energy and encourage interaction among neighbors.

Developers in cities such as Seattle, Boston, and Milwaukee are building cottage developments to meet the rising demand.

Architect Ross Chapin and developer Jim Soules have erected nearly 50 Craftsman-style cottages during the last 10 years in the Seattle area. (Watch Video: Choosing Cottages Over McMansions)

The quirky homes sell for as much as $600,000, despite the fact that they range in size from just 800 square feet to 1,500 square feet.

Chapin uses clever design tricks, such as corner windows and skylights, to give the illusion of more space. He also makes the most of every inch by including crawlspace storage and built-in bookshelves and cubbies.

“These days, we drive to the house, open the garage door, go in,” Indianapolis developer Casey Land told the Wall Street Journal. “But it’s important to get to know your neighbors. I think people miss that.”

Source: Wall Street Journal, Sara Lin (07/18/08)

Back From Vacation

The idea of a daily blog becomes difficult when you take a 10 day vacation away from your computer. However, I have returned, enlightened, refreshed, and anxious to sell some Ashland Oregon Real Estate.

What did I miss while I was gone?

In Ashland:

  • 30 new houses were listed
  • 9 houses came back on the market
  • There were 35 price reductions
  • 14 houses got pending sales
  • 8 houses “closed” sold (including one for my clients…yay!)
  • 6 houses listings expired (although 5 were put back on the market)
  • 12 Houses were withdrawn from the market

So, there seems to be plenty of movement in the market.

Once I recover more fully from vacation…I will find something more interesting to say.

Adam “the most recognized REALTOR in the universe” Bogle

4th of July in Ashland

Yet another 4th of July in Ashland has come and gone. What a great time if you have never been. Ashland Oregon is always looking for and excuse to have a parade, and there is no better parade than that of the 4th of July.

Starting with a BUZZZZZZ by the Air Force fly-by, the parade brings out the characters that make this such a great place to live.

This year was the first year that I actually was in the Parade. Normally I mingle downtown, and see who I know in the Parade. This time I got to find out who watches the parade.

So here I am, driving my macho car, hanging my laundry out to dry. At the last minute, I decided that I needed to dress my car. The Naked Lady caused such a ruckus on the start up to the 4th that I wanted to be safe and make sure my car wasn’t naked. 

Pulling behind my truck is the float that Coldwell Banker put together for Habitat for Humanity. With a big donation from Valley View Nursery, I think the float turned out okay. We didn’t win any big prizes, but it was passable. As a first time float builder, I think we did okay. I have ideas for next year if we decide to do it again.

After the parade, there is a craft and food fair set up all the way through Lithia Park. The Mexican food stand appeared to be the highlight of the food booths, with a line many feet long all day. There were bands all over town entertaining the crowds. Popsicles, Beer, Politicians, and people.

After a day in the sun, I, like many Ashlanders have a pleothora of parties, barbeques, and events to roam around town. My friends the Asher’s have a great party potluck around the pool at their house.

Then, to cap the night, fireworks over the college. A great place to watch those fireworks is Hunter Park. Practically ground zero. I ran into my friend, and great local lender, Linda Fitzgerald there.

July 5th….back to work.

Ashland Oregon Real Estate Statistics…from the Geek in a Kilt


Currently on the market in Ashland, there are 298 homes actively for sale, including almost 100 of those priced under $400,000.

Pending there are 33 homes with 18 of those being priced under $400,000.

In the last month, 23 homes have sold, with 14 of those being priced under $400,000.

Overall that shows a approximately a 10 month supply of homes, which is still a buyers market.

Over 60% of those homes have been on the market for less than 60 days.




Geek stats for the day from Ashland Oregon’s real estate geek.


Adam AgentInAKilt Bogle





Ashland is Hot!

Oh, Summer has finally arrived in our glorious Ashland, Oregon. I know some people who live here feel that is should always be 75 degrees. I, on the other hand love when the heat finally decends upon the Rogue Valley and warms my bones.

I guess as a kilt wearer, I may enjoy the warm weather a little more than those poor souls who feel a need to wear pants. But this is my favorite time of year.

But what do you do if you live in Ashland, and don’t like the heat as much as I do.

Well, the public swimming pool is always a great option.Daniel Meyer Pool

Daniel Meyer Pool is open for business.

A mere blocks from my home, this is the classic American swimming pool.

Open for Lap Swimming for $2.00

Open For Family Swimming for $1.50

And even an Adult Open Swim for $1.50.

 Temparatures this week in Ashland have been in the high 90’s.

It is a little hotter generally in Medford with Temps creeping above 100.


Adam AgentInAKilt Bogle

Preparing for Radio

Jefferson_exchangeOne of my roles in real estate in the Rogue Valley is I am a member of the Public Relations committee for the local association of Realtors®.

So today I am preparing for an interview on the Jefferson Exchange. Part of the responsibility of being a member of the PR crew is to stay up to date on issues, statistics, and what is being said in the media.

It is remarkable to me what the power of the media is in how they choose to report stories. The difference between saying “foreclosures doubled in the last year”, and “Oregon still among the lowest states for foreclosure in the country”, and “999 or every 1000 homeowners are not in foreclosure”, and “of the 10,000 homes in Ashland, only 5 are bank owned”. Those all tell different stories. But inevitably, the day after any article about real estate in Ashland, or real estate in Medford is published, someone I know in the communtiy will quote it to me.

In fact just today after an article in the Medford Mail Tribune came out whose headline was Glimmer of hope emerges in real estate market, I was stopped in the grocery store by someone telling me that they read inventory was down, and now was a good time to buy.

Anyway, moving on.

Preparing for the Jefferson Exchange. The following is what the topic is set to be as reported on the website.

Home is Where the Heartache Is
Both Eugene and Medford recently made a national top 20 list of overvalued home areas. Real estate market declines and the crisis in the home loan industry have dramatically changed what home buyers and sellers should expect. We talk with Steve Blanton, CEO of the Rogue Valley Association of Realtors, and Realtor Adam Bogle for strategic tips for buying or selling a home.


I have read the report listed here, and to me it looks very positive. When the headline reads houses overpriced in Eugene and Medford, it looks bad.  But when you get into the meat of the article, it spells a good story. What is states is that many of the “overvalued” areas in the country have seen an adjustment, and are now seen as “fairly valued”.  Those areas include Southern California, Las Vegas, Florida, and Northern California. Those are the areas that there are a lot of $$$’s that need to be in the economy to make the buyer confidence being reported in the National media higher.

So if you get a chance. Listen to the show, Monday June 30th from 9-10.

Adam “AgentInAKilt” Bogle




A Brave New Task!


Adam with a martini

I am beginning my blog on Ashland, Oregon. Real estate. And just general musings about life. My plan is to have stories, comments and opinions about this beautiful town that I live in. Mix that with a fair amount of real estate advice, statistics, and theories.

Throw in some comments about my personal life.

I know this post will be only read by the die hards…so to you I raise my martini.