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Ashland New Plays Festival December 2017

  The Gift of New Stories: Ashland New Plays Festival from Ashland Sneak Preview The 501c3 Files By Adam and Sophia S.W. Bogle   Imagine you lived in the time of Shakespeare. Would you have supported that unknown (and sometimes controversial) playwright? Thank goodness someone did or we probably wouldn’t be here in Ashland today. […]

Grandma Boom! Conscious Living Foundation November 2017

The 501-c-3 Files from The Ashland Sneak Preview By Adam and Sophia S.W. Bogle Grandma Boom! She is hard to miss: Flaming red curls, flamboyant feathered hats, a huge smile and it is not unusual for her to have wings! Janai Mestrovich a.k.a. Grandma Boom is the head and heart of The Conscious Living Foundation […]